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Introducing eDAS™ Enhanced Distributed Acoustic Sensor Fiber

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What's covered?

This presentation will explore Fibercore's latest speciality optical fiber, eDAS™. Focusing on the following key areas;

  • What is eDAS™?
  • How is eDAS™ used?
  • Real world applications for eDAS™ fiber


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Dr. Andy Gillooly

Business Development Manager


Meet our Speaker

Dr. Andy Gillooly has over 20 years experience in the optics industry with a Masters Degree in Physics from the University of Birmingham as well as a PhD in Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs) from Aston University.

Today, as Business Development Manager at Fibercore, Andy drives the company forward into new markets with new opportunities. Recent successes have included the launch of enhanced DAS (eDAS) fibers for enhancing the sensitivity and sensing range of acoustic sensors and aiding the deployment of FBGs into next generation fusion reactors.